Excited Puppy Jumps for Joy

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Remember when you were a little kid and everything in life excited you? The way 20-minute car rides could seem like journeys. The way you couldn't fall asleep on the eves of birthdays or Christmas, shaking with uncontained anticipation. Or at school, during recess, when you'd run and jump and climb monkey bars for no reason other than to expend all the endless reserves of energy you had.

Now you can barely drag your butt out of bed in the morning. Birthdays depress you and you hope that no one at works even knows that you're turning mumblemumble years old. You drink a bottomless cup of coffee just hoping for enough of a spark to fill out an expense report. You go home at the end up the day and mindlessly flip through the channels. You look over at your old dog sitting next to you, and he's looking up at you. He's thinking about how he hasn't fetched a tennis ball in years. Did he stop fetching them or did you stop throwing them? He thinks about when he was a little puppy and everything in life excited him. The way 20-minute car rides seemed like journeys...

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