Rare Donkra Born in China

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A rare donkra--the product of a donkey sire and a zebra dam--was born at the Haicang Zoo in China, according to the BBC News. The donkra almost died during birth after nearly drowning on its mothers amniotic fluids, but it pulled through when zoo officials were able to clear its airways. The newborn appears to have the head of a donkey, with a zebra's stripes on its legs and some of its body

Zebroids-- hybrid offspring between zebras and other equines--are nothing new. The product of a zebra father and a horse mother, for example, is called a zorse. Zonkeys are much less common than zorses. Last year a zedonk was born in Georgia, the offspring of a male zebra and a female donkey. Though zedonks are rare, donkras are rarer.

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