Skating, Surfing Dog Is Extreme

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Remember in the mid-to-late '90s when everything was "extreme?" The X Games gripped the attentions of the country's boys and young men, giving us a thirst for all things intense, which we quenched without actually risking profound damage to our bodies by using products like deodorant and toothpaste that had the word "extreme"--or even better, "Xtreme"--on their labels.

But that wasn't extreme. You know what's extreme? A bulldog who surfs, sandboards, snowboards, and skateboards. You know what you don't do? Even a single one of those things, probably. I definitely don't. When I was 9, I got on my friend's skateboard, wobbling and falling on my butt almost instantly. That was the last time I dabbled in extreme sports. I didn't and don't even have the coordination or physical talent of a bulldog, one of the clumsiest looking and purportedly laziest breeds of dogs around. But dang if this pooch doesn't have a thing or two to say about those stereotypes.

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