10 Tips to Prevent Pet Fireworks Fears

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Fireworks from July 4th celebration may be festive to you, but can turn your pets into nervous wrecks. More cats and dogs--and even livestock like horses--become lost on this day than any other when pets panic, go through windows, break tethers and leap fences.

Even safely contained pets shiver, moan, and feel worse with each noisy boom. You may not see quivering scaredy cats, but the stress from noise phobia increases risk of hit-or-miss litter box behavior.

It can take weeks or even months for desensitization and counter-conditioning techniques to teach fearful pets that noises won't hurt them. With Independence Day right around the corner, refer to these 10 tips for more immediate help.

1. Scared animals calm themselves down by squeezing into tight spots and hiding their eyes. For instance, a dog wriggles between the sofa and wall, while a cat hides its face in your armpit. Offer your pets safe hiding place and let them be.

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