Annoying Puppy Antagonizes Cat

A lot of folks who are in the market for a new pet like the idea of adopting a newborn kitten or puppy. That's not always the best choice. There are so many adult animals in shelters who need homes. People can be unwilling to choose an adult pet because the animal won't be with them for as many years as a baby, and plus they'll miss out on having an adorable puppy or kitten around. But here's the thing about that: as cute as puppies and kittens are, they are equally as annoying. Think of a baby in its "terrible twos," but a lot more mobile. See the puppy in this video? That's how a puppy or a kitten spends most of its time. They're menaces. In contrast, observe the patient, mellow cat. Why is that cat able to stand the puppy's antagonism for so long? Because it's an older animal, more mature, wiser. Which one would you rather have around the house?

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