Clever Dog Overcomes Her Cone-Collar Handicap

For all we dote on and fawn over our pets, animals often prove themselves far cleverer than we may give them credit for. Take Lucy, for example, the first in a series of pets we're looking at today who are quite quick to overcome minor to major physical obstacles in order to get where they're going.

As thousands of pets every day learn to their chagrin and our eternal guilt, those ghastly and undignified plastic post-surgery collars can be a terrible hindrance, by design preventing animals from disturbing their own surgical wounds, and as a side effect confounding any number of normal daily tasks, in this case the normally taken-for-granted act of climbing a simple staircase. When the collar renders Lucy's ascent up the first few steps frustratingly laborious, one imagines the journey will become a slow torture. But no, Lucy is too smart for our expectations, and quite rapidly alters her approaches and shimmies backwards up the staircase with a surprising finesse that more than a few of us would be sorely unable to match.

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