Parakeet Ball Balance

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parakeet ball balance picture Jaidipe, YouTube

We love all pets at Paw Nation, not just cats and dogs. Still, some of you are a little restless. "More birds!" the avian fans cry. And we've heard you. That's why today we're featuring all bird videos, just for you (and for anyone else to).

We're kicking things off with perhaps the quintessential home bird: the parakeet. And no offense, but we're willing to be that this budgie is more talented than yours. Can your budgie balance on a tennis ball? We've never seen it.

"I'm not impressed," says Grumpy Old Cat. "I accomplished much more elaborate feats in my day. Any cat could." We tried to explain to Grumpy Old Cat that the comparison isn't really fair, that as a mammal he has more brain power, not to mention four legs and a tail. "Phooey! Don't gimme any excuses. I can do anything that stupid bird can do and more besides."

"O rly, Grumpy Old Cat? Can you fly?"

That's when Grumpy Old Cat ran away crying.

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