Second-Story Cats - Tips for Countertop Cruising Cats

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cat sleeping countertop picture rocketlass, Flickr

Cats become pests with their determination to stay above it all. They cruise kitchen countertops, lounge atop doors and leap to refrigerator tops to ambush treats.

The urge to be the top cat seems a universal cat vice. By understanding why cats scale the heights, cat owners can provide legal outlets that keep both their cats happy and out of the butter dish.

Why Cats Love Heights
Cats come pre-programmed to seek elevated lounging spots. Think about it: cats in the wild want to see enemies (and potentially munchable critters) while remaining invisible. A cat quite literally believes it "owns" the space it can see.

Cats also control each other's interactions--or even the dog's movements--with pointed stares. This packs even more punch from an elevated perch, giving the cat ownership and control over even more territory. The cat that commands the highest perch is the high-cat-on-the-totem-pole in that particular room.

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