Bulldog and Little Boy Are in The Cutest Race to Fall Asleep - Video

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I am not a father, but I don't think it's too outrageous to say that when I do start a family, I want to have a boy, a girl, a stocky English bulldog and a white pit bull mix, so I can take them on an all-day hike (dogs included) and then to a playground. On the way home, we'll stop at McDonald's, and I'll even get them cupcakes to top off the day (the dogs will get custom-made canine-friendly pastries, of course).

Then, when we get home, I'll pull out my Flip cam, turn on "Sesame Street," and watch who in the group falls asleep fastest. My kids and dogs will be so cute when they fall asleep simultaneously, my camera lens will just break. It just can't take it -- and neither can I.

I'm going to be the best dad ever!

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