Twin Polar Bear Cubs Debut at German Zoo

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twin polar bear cub germany pictureHans-Martin Issler, Getty Images

Twin polar bear cubs Aleut and Gregor made their first foray into the public eye at the Nuremberg Zoo on Thursday, dazzling zoo-goers with a three-hour playtime packed with cute antics.

According to the Daily Mail, the 45-pound cubs spent the afternoon pawing their way around the Arctic Circle enclosure and taking swimming lessons in their chilled pool, all while under the protective eye of their mother, Vera. Aleut and Gregor are expected to tip the scales at 1,500 pounds when fully grown.

Only days after the sudden death of 4-year-old superstar Knut (also born at the Nuremberg Zoo), Aleut and Gregor's coming out party couldn't have happened at a better time for Germany's mourning polar bear lovers. Born on Dec. 2, 2010, Aleut and Gregor made their debut exactly four years after Knut's first public appearance.

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