6 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Help Local Shelters

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kristen seymour pictureAssistant Editor Kristen Seymour with her rescued dogs from Puppy Hill Farm.

Many of us in the Paw Nation are interested in helping our local shelters and rescues place animals in forever homes, but did you know that there are more ways to volunteer than walking the animals and cleaning cages?

I've been volunteering with Puppy Hill Farm Animal Rescue, the rescue where I adopted my dogs, for several years, but my focus is on event planning, fundraising and public appearances, which works better with my schedule and suits my strengths.

Whether you've got only a few spare moments here and there or you're looking to get some serious volunteer hours in, a local shelter or rescue is a great place to lend a hand. Here are six ways you can get involved and help save lives!

Have a few minutes?
Even if your time is limited, chances are good you spend at least a few minutes online -- after all, you are here at Paw Nation, aren't you? Take a couple of those moments to spread the word about adoptable animals using Facebook or Twitter. Share links to adoptable animals and stories about animals who found happy forever homes. If you're a real social media expert, you might offer to help your local shelter with its daily postings.

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