Spring Cleaning - Top Pet-Friendly Vacuum Cleaners

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Pet hair, dander, spilled food and broken treats all over the floor are just a few reasons dog and cat owners tend to burn through vacuum cleaners faster than the rest of America. It seems like the volume of hair alone can be enough to bring an ordinary machine to a halt.

That's why Paw Nation put to the test vacuums specifically designed for dealing with pet hair. Here are three of our favorites.

bissell pictureBissell

Great for Fast, Bare Floor Cleanups - Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum
This $49.99 machine is focused on doing one thing -- cleaning pet hair and other debris off bare floors and snagging dirt along edges and baseboards. The base of the vacuum features a "unique V-shaped foot [that] directs larger debris into the center suction path while the arms of the V collect finer dirt particles, eliminating the so-called snowplow effect." We tried it out on hardwood floors, textured vinyl flooring and bathroom tiles, and were impressed with how this 7-pound vacuum pulled the hair and dirt right up. Apparently it can also be used on low-pile rugs.

The Bissel PowerEdge Pet is also easy to maneuver and clean, as it comes with a removable dirt cup that you can just empty into the trash. (The company has a wide range of pet-focused cleaning machines, including stick, canister and upright vacuums and carpet cleaning machines ranging from $49.99 to $249.99.)

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