Pet Product Review - Dyson Groom Tool

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Dyson, the maker of upscale vacuums -- and commercials featuring the posh voice of its British founder -- has had a series of powerful animal-and-pet-hair-focused vacuums for years. But now the company is trying to keep that hair from hitting the floor in the first place.

For Medium- and Long-Haired Dogs
The $69 attachment (that works with many but not all Dyson vacuums) is a grooming brush for medium- and long-haired adult dogs. You can see how it works in the video below, but basically it is a brush/suck combo. The brush gathers the hair and then you press a button for the vacuum suction to take it away.

I tried it out on my very thick-coated pug and I have to say, I love it.

Normally a pug wouldn't be a good candidate for the groom tool because of its short hair, but my dog Milo has, what one vet described as, "the face of a pug, the coat of an Akita." And, no matter what I do, he leaves tumbleweeds of dog hair throughout my home. Every day. So I was eager to give this a go. He's also completely deaf, so the noise of the vacuum doesn't faze him.

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