Gas in Dogs: Causes, Solutions and When You Should Worry

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shy dog in grassThe dog did it! Credit: Jennipher Walters

Poor dogs. They're often the accused and blamed, regularly being named in excuses such as "The dog ate my homework," or the general "The dog did it." Be honest, how often have you blamed your dog for a bit of your own, er, GI distress?

I make sure that we -- my family and I, dog included -- eat a nutritious diet, and we have some healthy gas going on at home. However, our dog Siena has taken it to an entirely new level. After a recent long and loud toot from Siena, my husband and I began to worry if something was amiss. Thankfully, writing for Paw Nation has its perks: Access to experts!

A Normal Albeit Unpleasant Biological Function
Gas is normal in dogs and can vary considerably from pet to pet and even breed to breed. The gas that dogs experience isn't that different from what humans have and is a normal biological function. An excess of gases in the intestinal tract produces flatulence. These gases can come from swallowed air, the biochemical process of digestion, the bloodstream or bacteria that live in the intestinal tract.

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