Long-Distance Running Cat Has Personal Trainer

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Most of us can't get our pet cats to do anything we ask, let alone run alongside us. So imagine our shock when we came across this unusual and uplifting story in the Asbury Park Press about a long-distance running cat.

A stray kitten, now affectionately named Roadrunner, caught the eye of fitness trainer Michael Greenblatt of West Long Branch, N.J., when the fur ball started following him on his early-morning runs. It wasn't long before running together became routine and Greenblatt welcomed the feline into his home.

In fact, this black cat likes and actually demands to go for a daily run. So much so that Greenblatt is training Roadrunner "like an athlete" and using the same fitness principles that he does with his human clients. Greenblatt runs Roadrunner through a series of speed drills, timing her speed on every drill.

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