8 Beautiful Modern Dog Houses From $145 - $1500

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Jaime Derringer, author of the design blog Dog Milk, shares some of her favorite pet products.

When sourcing content for Dog Milk, I come across a lot of beautiful dog houses. However, many of them are one-off pieces. There still isn't a large selection of modern dog houses on the market, so based on the rarity of a unique outdoor hideaway, you'll pay a pretty penny for the perfect pup palace. But as you'll see in the gallery below, many are worth the price.


A Hound's House
I first came across the Hunde Hus, $500, on Etsy and then realized that the designer had begun to sell the house retail. Now it is available at The Modern Dog, still with a pretty hefty price tag. However, this pet hotel is a bit different in that it has both inside and outside sleeping areas. If that wasn't enough, it also doubles as an end table or nightstand. If you're like many small-home or apartment owners, you're looking for as many double-duty items as possible!


The Handmade Home
I am drooling over the angles and the wood grain on this one! The Mutt Dog Dwelling, $1,500, by graphic designer-turned-woodworker Jesse Doquilo, is handcrafted bliss. There is nothing I like more than a solid wood piece of furniture. The high cost of this house seems justified when you consider that a real person sweats over each individual piece alone in a workshop somewhere.

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