Funny Cat Video - To Sleep, Perchance to Faceplant

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Of what do cats dream? A stranger to the free-roaming fauna of the alien outdoors, my indoor cat, Martha, probably dreams of her favorite activity: playing fetch with her toy rattle-mice, blissfully unaware of the livelier, meatier, and more delicious variety found teeming out in fields, or at least in more squalid dwellings than ours. Even those felines that spend their lives in whole or in part prowling the grasses, barns, and streets of the world must spend their catnaps replaying past mousehunt glories.

Take this house cat, for example, so rapt with its visions of the thrill of the chase that it fails to notice itself hanging off its precarious perch, fails to notice when its dream takes hold of it so thoroughly that it flails mightily in the air, fails even to wake up upon its ungraceful and decidedly uncatlike wipeout on the countertop. Good thing it was a short drop. We're sure the cat was unharmed. But the mouse probably got away.

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