Ask a Cat Expert - How Do I Keep My Cats Happy and Occupied While I'm Working?

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We know you love your cat. But sometimes understanding its behavior can be a big challenge. That's we we've asked cat expert Cyndee Gause, a sphynx breeder and passionate cat person, to answer your questions about taking care of your cat. Gause has been a cat lover all her life, and began actively showing cats in 2004. She has several national and regional winning cats, and runs a small sphynx cattery in Atlanta, Ga. Gause is an active member of several CFA Clubs, as well as a member of the CFA Sphynx Breed Council.

Q: For the next few months I'm going to be working crazy long hours, how do I keep my cats happy and not feeling neglected?

A: While most cats are very independent, they still love to interact with their human families. You can help make your cat happy while you're gone by making some simple changes in your home.

- Purchase a video designed to entertain your feline. Pet AVision Inc. has a series of videos called "Video Cat Nip" that has been known to entertain cats for hours.

- Provide your cat(s) with lots of different types of toys. An empty paper bag or box can tempt the finickiest of cats. Some toys have added catnip to make them attractive to your cat. Watch the catnip, though, as different cats will have different reactions to it.

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