Move over Rally Monkey, there's a new king of unofficial mascots in Major League Baseball. DJ Kitty is in the house!

In order to give the Tampa Bay Rays a boost in their playoff bid, the team unveiled its secret weapon: A gimmicky series of funny cat videos featuring DJ Kitty. With his Rays hat on backwards, this jersey-wearing housecat is sure to go viral, but will he help the Rays clench the pennant? We'll see.

Tampa Bay's marketing gurus presumably are hoping that DJ Kitty will help boost the not-so-great attendance figures at Tropicana Stadium. We think it's pretty safe to say that the miraculous DJ Kitty will most certainly inspire Rays fans to get out of their seats during the seventh-inning stretch, if nothing else. We love it when he puts his paws in the air!

DJ Kitty is now the star of two online videos in which he represents for the Tampa Bay Rays while showing off his formidable skills with the crossfader. On the first, he spins the 1992 dance club classic "Jump" by The Movement. The second is DJ Kitty's sultry interpretation of Gucci Mane's "Wasted" which is, in all honestly, exactly the same as the original (only with a super awesome cat pretending to be a disc jockey).

Having seen both performances, we can't help but notice that DJ Kitty has a very limited set of moves. But after all, he's a cat; what do you expect? It's impressive enough that the cat wrangler was able to get Kitty to sit behind the turntables during filming. How they got him to hold put his paws in the air like he just don't care, we'll never know.

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