Cat Comes Home After 6 Month, 60 Mile Adventure

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Next month, Bob the cat will turn one year old -- and what an adventurous first year it's been.

Bob was just six months old when he disappeared from his home in Northampton, in central England, the Northampton Chronicle & Echo reports. His family was distressed by his disappearance -- especially four-year-old Joshua.

"Bob had been a Christmas present to the whole family. We put posters everywhere, we asked neighbors, we phoned the company we had him micro-chipped with, but heard nothing," owner Claire Dalton told the Northampton Chronicle & Echo.

As the months passed, the Dalton family lost hope that they'd ever see Bob again. They even got rid of his things. And then, last week, the phone rang.

Bob had turned up in the small village of Stanford-in-the-Vale, some 60 miles away. How the little kitten made the trek remains a mystery. Somehow, he showed up on the doorstep of a woman in Stanford-in-the-Vale, who took him in. After a few months, she brought him to the vet for a checkup. There, his microchip was discovered.

While the woman who cared for Bob was reportedly sad to see him go, the Dalton family was overjoyed to bring Bob home again. "He is the same old Bob, still a little bit crazy, only when he left he was a kitten and now he is a full-grown cat about to have his first birthday in October," Dalton told the Northampton Chronicle and Echo.

Looks like the microchip has saved the day again. For more tips and strategies on getting an adventuring pet home safe, read the Paw Nation article "Finding a Lost Dog or Cat - 10 Ways To Improve Your Odds."

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