Hero Cat Saves 97-Year-Old Owner From Pit Bulls

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When 97-year-old Harrison, Mich. resident Sophie Thomas was at work in her garden recently, she found herself in a terrifying situation. "All of a sudden, these four pit bulls came marching in and they surrounded me. They kept going around and around. One of them kind of lunged for me and I hit him on the head and he backed off," Thomas tells local news station WPBN.

According to People Pets, when one of the dogs bit Thomas's arm, Tiger, her 3-year-old cat, jumped into the middle of the fray. The cat then sprinted towards the garage, with the dogs chasing along behind her. This gave Thomas the opportunity to escape into the house. "I do not know what would have happened if my cat hadn't jumped in," Thomas tells People Pets. "She's very close to me and follows me around. She's very friendly with me because I live alone."

Tiger returned, unharmed, but likely more beloved than before the incident. This cat's a hero, indeed. (And for the record, the neighbor and owner of the dogs has since been fined and the dogs placed in quarantine for 10 days.)

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