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I Work With Animals! Mobile Dog GroomerMichele Zinser grooming Titan

What animal lover hasn't daydreamed about ditching their desk job and applying for a job at the zoo? Or at a doggy daycare? Or tracking gorillas in Africa? We sure have, but since most of us may never actually get to work with the animals we love, we thought we'd introduce you to a few people who do.

Name: Michele Zinser
Age: 53
Job Title: Owner and operator of Sudz 'n Style Mobile Grooming

What kind of training do you need to enter the pet grooming business?
There are two ways to enter the profession. You can start out at the bottom as a bather and learn the trade over time. Or the second way, which is what I did, is to go to a grooming school. I was a full time student at Canine Clippers in Dumfries, Va. for fifteen weeks.

What made you open your own business when you moved to Arizona?
After I graduated, I worked for three years at Annandale Pet Spa in Virginia. That experience and the support of many people made me confident in my knowledge of the grooming business. I liked the idea of working for myself, and working as a mobile groomer gives me a huge amount of flexibility. I like that I get the chance to go into homes and really get to know my clients. Starting my own business was the perfect way to jump into a new environment here in Arizona.

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