What to Leave for Your Pet Sitter

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When it comes to hiring a professional pet sitter are you a helicopter parent that leaves detailed pooping and walking spreadsheets? Or are you more of the hands-off type who feels perfectly comfortable letting your sitter do his or her own thing?

A well-prepared sitter can keep your pet happy and anxiety-free while you're away, greatly reducing the number of chewing, scratching, and/or bathroom accidents occurring in your home. The question is: How do you ensure that you've given your pet sitter all the necessary tools to keep your animals relaxed and healthy?

To get a little expert guidance on the subject , we've enlisted the help of Paul Mann, founder of Fetch! Pet Care. Beyond the basics like emergency contact info, your vet's phone number and a medicine and food schedule (all of which are obviously quite important), Mann encourages owners to focus a little bit on your pet's psychology when preparing for a sitter.

Spell Out The Animal's Daily Schedule: "Pets are truly creatures of habit," Mann tells Paw Nation, "They get into liking their routine, so the idea is to figure out how to maintain that routine." For example, if you take your pup for a walk every morning, ask your pet sitter to do the same. If your cat likes to chase the yarn around in the evening, tell your sitter.

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