Woman Throws Friendly Neighborhood Cat In Trash, Becomes Internet Villain

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Cat thrown in trash canLola is safe and sound after her ordeal. PA

Have you heard of Mary Bale, the infamous cat-bin lady?

Bale, a 45-year-old bank worker in Coventry, England was strolling along last weekend when she came upon a tabby cat on the sidewalk. She stopped to pat the cat. For reasons even she can't quite explain, she suddenly decided to plop the unfamiliar cat into a nearby trash can and shut the lid, according to the (U.K.) Daily Mail.

Lola the cat was discovered 15 hours later by her owner, who heard her crying inside the bin, Salon reports.

The owner checked the footage from his security camera and saw exactly what happened. Soon enough, Bale's incriminating video was posted on YouTube, a Facebook page was created to tell the world about Bale's dastardly deed, and overnight she became public feline enemy number one.

Bale has become the target of worldwide hatred. According to Salon, hundreds of thousands of YouTube viewers have commented, death threats have been issued online, and police have even been stationed outside her home to protect her.

"She should be thrown in a bin for 15 hours," one angry YouTube viewer wrote. "I'd throw her off a cliff," said another. She's been called a psychopath and a nut case, among other, less printable epithets.

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