Cat Fashion for Just $500

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Fashionable felines have long gotten the short end of the stick. While poodles have oodles of designer duds from which to choose, kitties pretty much had only two options: collars and harnesses.

But no more! The catwalk is opening up to, well, cats. And nothing proves that trend better than the two kitty outfits now available at the über-hip shop Opening Ceremony at the Ace Hotel, reports New York Magazine.

The outfits, by United Bamboo, retail for $500 each. One features a two-piece look with a purple top, black bottom, and large bow (all the better for taking the focus off a tubby tail or missing whisker, we imagine), while the other is a bit more formal with shiny black ruffles (perfect for a cocktail party). Do they look familiar? They should. They were a part of United Bamboo's cat calendar which we featured in this gallery!

Not included in the retail price: an extra pair of hands to hold down the cat while you dress her, and Band-Aids for the inevitable cat scratches.

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