Dog Trapped in Hot Car Honks Horn for Help

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Dog trapped in car honks horn for help pictureTheGiantVermin, Flickr

Stories about dogs trapped in hot cars don't typically end well. Happily, this one's different.

It was 90 degrees in Pennsylvania on the day that Max the chocolate Lab was accidentally locked in his owner's car, the AP reports.

Donna Gardner of Allentown was running errands and forgot that 11-year-old Max was with her. After she got home and unloaded her packages, she accidentally left Max closed up in the car, USA Today's Paw Print Post reports.

An hour later, Gardner heard a horn honk. She looked outside but didn't see anything, and went back to what she was doing. Then the horn honked a second time. She peered outside again, and saw Max sitting in the driver's seat. We don't know what the dog was thinking or how he happened to sound the alarm, but we like to imagine Max laying on the horn to say "get me out of here!"

Gardner rescued Max and immediately cooled him down with wet rags, gave him cold water, and rushed him to the vet, the AP reports. Fortunately, Max is doing fine.

This Lab is an incredibly lucky dog. Heat stroke can occur quickly on a hot summer day, and dogs can suffer problems after just a few minutes in an overheated car. Let this accident serve as a reminder to be aware of where your pets are and to never leave your dog in a car, even if it's parked in the shade.

We're just glad this hot-dog story has a happy ending.

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