Goat and Great Dane are best friends pictureSandra Harrison

Remember the story about the goat and the Great Dane who had fallen in love after being rescued together at a downtown wedding venue in the Dallas area? Now the two inter-species soul mates -- Minelli the goat and Judy the Great Dane -- have been separated thanks to a state law that differentiates between pets and livestock.

The unlikely pair had until now been inseparable after they were rescued by animal lover Sandra Harrison on June 25. However, a tragic phone call came to the rescue center Tuesday that was destined to break up the odd couple's love fest. "I got a call that said, 'Dr. Fling, you're in violation of state law. State law says any stray livestock must be collected and impounded by the sheriff's department,'" East Lake Pet Orphanage veterinarian Karen Fling tells KXAS-TV.

Shortly thereafter, the livestock deputy arrived at the East Lake Pet Orphanage with a trailer and hauled heartbroken Minelli away. Apparently, both Minelli and Judy had a rough go of it for awhile, but both are bouncing back.

According to Dr. Fling, Judy is back in "good spirits," while Minelli the friendly goat has reportedly made a few new friends.

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