Vienna Is the Latest City to Crack Down on 'Dangerous' Dog Breeds

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Do you love your big lug of a pit bull? Adore your sweetheart of a mastiff? If you lived in Vienna, Austria, you'd be facing major hassles. Last week, the city passed a controversial new law that will require the owners of so-called "fight dogs" to carry a license proving they can keep their pets in check. Alexander Willer, a spokesman for Vienna's main animal shelter, told the Associated Press that the list of affected dogs -- including rottweilers, pit bull terriers, mastiffs, and others -- was compiled "at random." He added that this kind of discrimination makes it harder for abandoned dogs of these breeds to find new homes.

Austria isn't the only country cracking down. Denmark recently added 12 more dog breeds to an outright ban on dangerous dogs. That list of the country's banned breeds includes pit bulls, Tosa Inus, American Staffordshire terriers, Brazilian mastiffs, Argentine dogos, American bulldogs, boerboels, Kangals, Central Asian ovtcharkas, Caucasian ovtcharkas, Southern Russian ovtcharkas, tornjaks and Sarplaninacs, according to the (Denmark) "Politiken." While Vienna city councilor Sandra Frauenberger says that "this is not about the criminalization of any types of dogs," the owners of these breeds have expressed concern that their pets will be discriminated against because of their breeds' bad reputations.

Some states in the U.S. have similar regulations or bans. Last year, Paw Nation reported on a pit-bull ban in New York City housing projects. Just last week, a Miami, Fla. veterinarian wrote in USA Today about how she couldn't keep a stray dog she'd rescued because the pooch is a pit bull, a breed that her county has banned despite statistics that breed bans don't curb violence.

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