'Twilight' Actress Kristen Stewart Talks About Wolf-Dog Pet

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Regardless of whether Bella, her "Twilight" character, chooses Edward (the vampire) or Jacob (the werewolf), Kristen Stewart's position on the matter off-camera is obvious. It's fur and four legs all the way!
Kristen Stewart picture
How do we know? Stewart chatted with David Letterman about the wolf-dog hybrids her mom raises, and said their oldest male, Jack, was her pet and "he's really sweet. He, like, falls at my feet."

Letterman pushed the starlet, asking if owning these hybrids was legal or safe, to which Stewart replied that it was perfectly safe, and that her pets were really sweet, but didn't advise people to go out and purchase one of their own. (The laws regarding ownership of a wolf dog vary by state.)

She also made it clear that it's really her mom who raises them, saying, "They really are, like, hard to take care of. She had experience before; she likes them."

Stewart might like cuddling with Jack and the rest of her mom's wolf-dog pack, but we have a feeling she won't be bringing any of them home with her since she's a self-proclaimed cat lady!

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