A Dachshund United Nations? Yep, That's What You're Seeing

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funny united nations dachshund dog pictureLucas Dawson, Getty Images

We always knew it would happen, dogs are running the world.

Or at least that seems to be the idea behind this fascinating new performance art project. Australian installation artist Bennett Miller built a dachshund-scale replica of the United Nations meeting room in a West Melbourne warehouse with live wiener dogs representing the 47 members of the U.N. Human Rights Committee.

It's all part of the Next Wave Festival, whose theme for 2010 is "No Risk Too Great." The festival brings together the work of 300 Australian artists focusing on the concept of personal, local and global risk.

Anyone who's ever tried to pose just one or two dogs knows that expecting our canine companions to cooperate under pressure certainly represents a risk, but that was all a part of Miller's plan. In an interview with Museum Victoria, Miller says, "It's meant to go wrong a little bit, like the U.N. often does. But, equally, it's important to try and make it happen."

While Miller focused on the way the diversity of the doxies represents the diversity of the U.N. -- dachshunds can have a smooth, wirehaired or longhaired coat in a variety of colors -- we have to admit that it's hard to think past just how cute this particular piece of performance art is.

That reaction is OK with Miller, who tells Paw Nation, "I'm very happy with putting a smile on somebody's face, but I also hope that in some instances people delve deeper into what it might be about...Ultimately I am looking to celebrate both the U.N. and dachshunds, both of which I am personally a huge fan of."

Miller goes on to say, "The work was intended to sound like a joke, but when actually viewed, to be quite beautiful and endearing. It could be interpreted as a mockery of the U.N., but I hope people take it as a joyful -- if a little dysfunctional -- experiment."

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