Adorable Falcon Chicks Make NYC Skyscraper Home

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Not far from the hustle and bustle of Wall Street, four fluffy Peregrine falcon chicks have been officially welcomed into the city. The babies were born less than a month ago at 55 Water Street, where their parents, Rocky and Jubilee, have lived for more than 10 years, reports the New York Daily News.

The healthy brood is one of 15 active falcon nests throughout NYC and an estimated 70 across the state. These numbers are small, but still good news when you consider that in the 1960s the species nearly went extinct due to pesticide residue in its prey. Because of this, Peregrine falcons remain endangered, and are carefully monitored. The N.Y. Daily News took this photo of the chicks when they were briefly borrowed from their mom to get identification bands attached.

These little birds do look fragile and adorable but it won't be long before they're cruising at 40 to 55 miles per hour, and reaching speeds of 200 miles per hour during a mid-air dive attack. In wilder settings, they set up nests on cliffs, but something about their fierce beauty makes them fit right in on the ledges of NYC buildings, don't you think?

To get the full scoop on these chicks go to the N.Y. Daily News story here. If you want to meet other members of New York's urban jungle, check out some of the crazy critters in this NY Daily News gallery!

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