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Brody Jenner is Bringing Bentley Back
Brody Jenner has taken back a puppy he once gave an ex-girlfriend. Jenner retrieved the French bulldog, named Bentley, because the ex "wasn't taking care of him the best," the reality star said on "The Bonnie Hunt Show." Jenner wouldn't name which of his exes the pup belonged to (he's been linked to Nicole Richie, Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavalerri), but said that the pup now resides with his mom, who is totally smitten according to Monsters and Critics.

Delta Loses Dog and Offers $200 Credit
An Ontario couple who dreamed of rescuing and adopting a stray dog in Mexico are now living a nightmare. After getting a dog they found on vacation all fixed up at the vet and arranging to bring him home, Delta Airlines lost the dog, reports CNN. The airline claims the dog, named Paco, escaped his carrier, which Josiah Allen, the man who rescued Paco, doesn't believe for a second. And while the airline states that it provided Allen "compensation and additionally we have offered to reimburse them for all of the expenses associated with the dog," Allen said he was just offered a $200 credit toward future travel on Delta. This makes us think twice about flying with pets, that's for sure.

Runaway Rhino Returns
A two-ton rhinoceros is safely back in his enclosure after escaping for about five hours overnight last week at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, reports WBBH News. This feeling of freedom wasn't new to Archie the rhino; he'd escaped years ago, but was lured back with food. The zoo workers didn't have such luck this time and had to sedate Archie before returning him to his enclosure. The zoo is quick to point out that at no point was Archie off of the zoo's property, or even in public parts of the zoo.

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