It's a Sheep! It's a Pig! It's ... Adorable!

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sheep pig mangalizta pictureGeoffrey Robinson, Rex USA

Despite the woolly coat, this curly cutie bears no relation to sheep. In fact, it's a rare breed of pig called mangalitza, and when three of these little piggies showed up at the Tropical Wings Zoo in Essex, they caused quite the commotion among visitors who couldn't decide quite what they were, reports Sky News.

The mangalitzas weren't just brought in to look cute (although they're doing a darn good job of it anyway). They were procured to be educational, and to help ensure the breed's survival. Zoo education coordinator Denise Cox told Sky News, "We've got them here as part of a breeding program to make sure this fascinating breed does not become extinct."

Success seems likely. One of the three little pigs, Porche, might be expecting. She's showing early signs of pregnancy, and the zoo is hopeful, but it's too early to confirm. We're crossing all our fingers and toes that it's true. As cute as the full grown Mangalitzas are, can you even imagine the level of lovable just one of those pint-sized piglets would possess?

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