Pupcakes dog food pictureThe picture on the box shows a gorgeous, gourmet treat. What we baked up was (apparently) tasty, but not quite as pretty. Photo: Kristen Seymour

Award-winning product PupCakes 2 go is a microwavable dog treat you can make at home easily and in just minutes. Each pack comes with two organic dry mixes as well as a reusable pan to make bone-shaped treats, all for around $10. You simply add water and peanut butter, nuke it for two-and-a-half minutes, and voila, you have puppy treats! Just like from the doggie bakery. At least, that's how it's supposed to go.

When we met Melinda Kirk, CEO of Lucky Paws PupCakes 2 go, at the Global Pet Expo last month, she was walking on air, greeting us by saying, "Did you hear? We won Best in Show!" The Expo awarded first, second and third place in a variety of divisions (Aquatics, Bird, Cat, Dog, Natural, etc.) and PupCakes 2 go took the top spot in the Boutique division. But that isn't the only reason for Kirk's enthusiasm. She's also selling a product that she and her dog love."I went organic, so it only made sense that my dog's food was organic, too," Kirk told us.

She had been baking dog treats and cakes for her own four-legged friends for over 10 years when she decided to start selling her goods under the Lucky Paws logo. This year, however, she introduced the this newest version, which allows pet lovers to microwave their own treats at home.

Paw Nation put PupCakes 2 Go to the test as soon as we returned home from the convention. The mixing and microwaving was a snap, and the scent was really pretty pleasant, like peanut buttery oatmeal. Our only trouble came when we tried to take the treats out of the custom tray -- they didn't look quite as pretty as they did on the package. So what else is new? No matter; our dogs couldn't have cared less. They ate the broken treats with the same gusto as the whole ones we frosted with peanut butter.

One trick we'll try next time: Cooking spray in the pan, which isn't mentioned on the packaging, but is recommended in the video on the PupCakes 2 Go Web site. Honestly, though, we're not too concerned. It was fun to spoil our pooches with a semi-homemade treat that didn't take a lot of time, effort or money.

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