Like everyone else in the world, we can't take our eyes off Lady Gaga. Whether or not you like Gaga's music, her approach to costuming is positively captivating, and, in the case of pet photographer Jesse Freidin, artistically inspiring as well.

The San-Francisco-based Freidin has become an Internet sensation thanks to his recent work, "The Doggie Gaga Project." With the help of The Impossible Project, which provided him with two packs of discontinued Polaroid film, Freidin and a small team created Gaga-esque clothing for a variety of pooches and proceeded to photograph them. The result? Images as popular as the songstress herself. (Well, almost.)

Of course, the real stars of the shoot were a Boston terrier (named Pancake, pictured here), a Mexican hairless chihuahua, a shiba inu and two pit bulls. Pictures of these clothed canines (which, according to the press release, were neither harmed nor even irritated during the shoot) have found there way to Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, China and beyond. Want to get the latest news? You can become one of more than 700 Facebook fans of the Doggie Gaga Project or join the mailing list.

So tell us, do you dress up your pets? And do they seem to mind?

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