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  • Froggy See, Froggy Do picture
    Froggy See, Froggy Do

    Who cares about violence in movies when our daughters are being inspried by princess and frog make-out sessions? And, worryingly, it's actually sending them to the hospital.[via AOL Health]

  • tortoises love yams picture
    Tortoises Love Yams

    For their enclosure renovation, these Galapagos tortoises were coaxed out with yams. You don't want to be between these guys and a Thanksgiving Dinner table [via Sign on San Diego]

  • Temple's Wisdom
    Temple's Wisdom

    Temple Grandin, animal expert extraordinaire, speaks about dog psychology. Shockingly, they are thinking about more than "Food! Food! Food!" [via Dogtime]

  • we think he's people!
    We Think He's People!
    An explanation for why you dress your dog.... and talk baby-tak to him... and ask his opinon on things...[via Live Science]

  • Coyote on the Green
    Coyote on the Green

    Reason #768 not to go into Central Park without adequate protection: Coyotes.[via New York Magazine]

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