Ask Curry! - March 1, 2010

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Kate Lacey

Meet jet-setting show dog Curry, Paw Nation's newest advice columnist. In between competing at the top dog shows, Curry finds time to answer the questions all dogs long to ask. From grooming advice (Curry just won Best in Breed at Westminster, so she knows a thing or two about looking gorgeous) to tips on getting along with the craziest of canines (she lives in Manhattan so she has to make friends with the many other dogs on the block), this 3-year-old Glen of Imaal terrier has all the answers to your crucial canine queries.

Congrats on your Westminster Best in Breed win. You looked darling and seemed to have a great sense of humor. Question: Did I catch you laughing when the judge wanted you to move on and you wanted to stay and eat the bait other dogs had dropped?
-- Charlie, a lab-mix from Miami

Charlie you are absolutely right. You did see me laughing at Madison Square Garden.

Most humans don't know it but dogs laugh all the time -- I know I do. It sounds like an excited burst of panting when you are interacting with others. Some experts have called it social panting, as it occurs when we are playing or trying to get someone to play. It's a sign of enjoyment which I was certainly having the night of the big doggie show.

Did you know that research shows that playing a recording of dogs 'laughing' at animal shelters has been found to reduce sign of stress in those poor dears looking for a home?

So laugh away Charlie, it's far better than getting all grumpy.

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