Ralph the giant rabbit pictureMike Walker, M&Y News Agency

Weighing in at over forty pounds, this English rabbit might just be the biggest bunny the world has ever seen.

Ralph, a Continental Giant rabbit, eats about $15 worth of food a day, says his owner Pauline Grant. The bunny consumes Weetabix cereal, crackers, apples, carrots, cabbages, toast, sweetcorn and huge bowls of rabbit food. Grant told the U.K's Sky News that she's still awaiting official confirmation of his stats, but she's hoping he will make it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

If his size is confirmed at 42 pounds and 4 feet in length, he'll knock his own mother out of the record books. According to the folks at Guinness, Ralph's dam, Amy, was listed in 2008 as the world's longest rabbit" at 2 feet, 8 inches.

Known for being a larger breed than most, Continental Giants typically weigh between 12 and 16 pounds. The minimum length of a show rabbit is 25.5 inches.

As long as Ralph continues with his voracious appetite, Grant says she'll keep feeding him. How long do you think this record will last?

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