5 Questions to Ask Before Boarding Your Pet

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Parents would not dream of leaving a child in the care of strangers for even a moment without asking a host of questions and ensuring that the care provider meets expectations. Pets depend on their owners to keep them safe, healthy and happy. Before dropping your furry best friend at a boarding facility, there are five key questions that must be answered.

Does the boarding facility have references?
Certainly the facility will be willing to provide you many testimonials of happy clients. However, in a commercialized industry, even if that facility is sub-standard, there will be clients that provide positive feedback. Relying solely on such testimonials is not always in your pet's best interest. Instead, check your local Better Business Bureau, talk with your veterinarian, poll fellow pet owners, and consider a call to the local Humane Society. Get an insider's view from those experienced with local boarding options.

What are the boarding facility's health policies?
If the boarding facility does not request health and immunization information you should immediately consider a different boarder. Reputable boarding facilities abide by strict health and immunization standards to protect boarded animals against illnesses, disease and pest infestations. Ensure that the facility not only posts, but consistently follows pet health policies.

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