My dog, Jasper, is some sort of terrier mix, which means his ears perk up at the slightest sound, and he barks anxiously at strangers passing by our front door. Since I live in New York City where both strangers and strange noises abound, I couldn't wait to try the Calming Collar on Jasper.

I ordered a small-sized Calming Collar, in pale blue, dotted with white bones. The collar carries a pleasant, mild lavender scent, a result of the herbal blend embedded in the collar to give it its calming properties. Jasper eyed me suspiciously as I approached him with it, but he let me clasp it around his neck. The small collar is 2 inches wide, adjustable, and easy to put on and take off.

Jasper put his head back down on the sofa as I walked away after dressing him in the new collar. It might have been my imagination, but he did seem calmer. His ears still sprang to attention at various noises around the apartment building, but he didn't bark and charge the front door.

The real test of the Calming Collar came when Jasper and I flew to California a few weeks later. Being so small, Jasper is allowed to fly with me in the cabin of the airplane. I made sure to bring the Calming Collar in my carry-on luggage.

As I settled into my seat, I put the Calming Collar on Jasper while he lay in his carrier. He seemed less nervous, more relaxed. It could have been that he was getting more accustomed to flying, but I think the collar helped -- both of us, in fact. One of the added benefits of having a dog near you while wearing the Calming Collar is the soothing effect the lavender scent has on humans as well!

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