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Dogs might have a larger eco-footprint than an SUV, but that doesn't mean you can't take measures here and there to reduce your environmental impact. One possible step to greener dog ownership is walking your pooch with an upcyled leash, like those offered by Krebs Recycle.

Krebs Recycle offers dog leashes made of pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled nylon climbing rope. Presumably, if it's strong enough to hold a 250-pound man climbing a mountain, it's strong enough to hold your golden retriever. The rope remains in its original form, eliminating the need for any carbon-intensive processes, and nothing goes to the landfill.

This family-owned company washes ropes from gyms, rope manufacturers and guide services, cuts them to one of the three lengths (the 6-foot "Reggie," 4-foot "Ruby," and 2-foot "Heeler"), then sews them into leashes.

I sampled the Reggie and Heeler leashes, and was very impressed. For one thing, they're cool. I haven't seen anybody else carrying anything similar at my dog park. And even though I like the bright colors, the rope looks rugged and tough, so my husband prefers carrying this leash to anything else hanging on our wall.

The Heeler is perfect for training the foster dogs that come through my home, while the six-foot length is perfect for leisurely strolls with my constantly curious Lab mix. She can sniff to her heart's content without dragging me off the path. And at just $14, $15 and $16 each, it won't break your pocketbook to buy a couple of lengths!

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