Pet Product Review: Bow Wow Bags

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bow wow bags pictureBow Wow Bags

The new Bow Wow Bag is described as "your dog's own personal, yet fashionable, tote that attaches to standard and retractable leash handles." Four Paw Nation writers from different cities and lifestyles gave the Bow Wow Bag a spin.

"I take my dog running with me, sometimes for five or six miles, and while I have the hydration system figured out (I squirt water into her mouth from my hydration pack), and I have biodegradable bags attached to the leash, I'm left with one problem: If I have to use one of the bags, I then have to carry it. All. The. Way. Home. I have a large dog, so that bag gets pretty full, not to mention stinky. My hope for the Bow Wow Bag was that I'd be able to put my sealed bag into it, close it up, and finish my run without having to deal with the smell. It totally worked! The bag was large enough to hold keys in the zipper pocket and, well, you know what I had to put in the main compartment. It sealed up tightly enough that I couldn't smell a thing. Quite a feat, I have to say. Plus, the pink color was cute as can be. Two paws up!" -- Kristen Seymour

"My problem with the Bow Wow Bag is that it doesn't solve any of my problems. It's intended as a safekeeping spot for poop bags, keys and other personal items, but after seven years of walking my dog, I know my pants, jacket and hoodie pockets perfectly well, i.e. which ones can hold three unused poop bags with none falling out, or where to stash my keys so I can always feel them against my hip. (Keeping my keys off my person makes me nervous, although the Bow Wow does feature an interior zippered pocket.) It's also supposed to provide a discreet hiding spot for a used bag until you can find a receptacle, but honestly, I am not a whit concerned with strangers seeing me carry a bag of dog poop. I am, after all, walking a dog." -- Rose Martelli

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