Kennel Returns Dogs to Wrong Owners

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Labrador retriever mix dog pictureLaiLa. Anne Galasso

For three weeks this December, two female black Labrador retrievers named Bella and LaiLa spent the holidays with strangers when a kennel returned them to the wrong families, reports the Seattle Times.

"It was very upsetting," Bella's owner, Stacey Peterson tells Paw Nation. "When we found out the dog we had was not our dog, we were worried because we didn't know where our dog was."

"I was totally shocked," LaiLa's owner, Anne Galasso, tells Paw Nation. "It's like picking up the wrong kid from day care."

But neither Peterson nor Galasso personally picked up their dogs from PetSmart PetsHotel in Issaqua, Wash., where Bella had been boarded and LaiLa had spent one day in doggy daycamp in early December. "If we would have been there to pick her up, I like to think it might have been different," says Peterson. Bella was picked up by Peterson's parents, and Galasso's niece retrieved LaiLa.

That's when the adventure really began for LaiLa. Peterson's parents brought her to Canada and boarded her in a kennel near their home. When Peterson and her husband returned from Europe on December 23 and were reunited with the dog they assumed was Bella, they knew immediately something was different. "Her ears were sitting differently, she walked differently and acted differently," Peterson recalls. "We were trying to understand why she seemed so different, but we never imagined it was because she wasn't our dog." They thought perhaps Bella was angry at them for being gone for 17 days.

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