Baby, It's Cold Outside: Should You Dress Your Dog for the Snow?

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With temperatures dropping, staying inside is looking like a mighty good option. But it's hard to hole up in the house when you have a pooch that needs to go for a walk three times a day.

While you can bundle up to face the freeze, your pet just has their coat to keep them warm. Which brings us to the age-old dilemma: Should I put clothes on my pet because it is cold? We chatted with veterinarian Dr. Jill A. Richardson -- an expert in pet safety, vice president of My Dog Walks, a consultant for the Veterinary Information Network and an instructor for the Penn Foster Vet Tech Program -- about her medical opinion on the pet-iquette for dressing doggies in the winter.

Big dogs seem to hate wearing clothes of any kind. Do larger dogs need protection from the cold?
Most dogs have a good fur coat that will give them natural protection against cold weather. Some that have a thin coat, especially those native to warmer clients, may need a little extra protection when the temperature drops. However, it's very important to pick out pet clothing with safety in mind. Make sure that the clothing does not obstruct the pet's vision. Avoid buttons or accessories that could be chewed off and ingested by your pet.

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