Woman's Pet Bunny Is Her "Angel"

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With Christmas nearing, the story of one Missouri woman's pet bunny, as originally reported in USA Today, has been touching hearts nationwide.

As anyone who has worked with homeless animals can attest, the effort the job requires can sometimes feel much greater than the good that comes out of it.

Joy Gioia, who manages the non-profit House Rabbit Society of St. Louis, recently told Paw Nation: "Sometimes it's heartbreaking, many times it's rewarding, and occasionally there are moments of pure gold such as what happened with Ruby Angel."

Here is the story of Ruby Angel.

The House Rabbit Society is a nationwide organization dedicated to rescuing, sheltering, fostering and re-homing abandoned rabbits. With so many rabbits in need, local chapters like the one in the greater St. Louis area usually aren't equipped to accept a rabbit brought in by an individual who simply isn't able or doesn't want to care for the animal. However, the folks in St. Louis recently made an exception for a rabbit named Ruby Angel.

Ruby Angel was named by her owner, an unidentified local woman, who thought the white mark on the rabbit's nose resembled an angel with wings. When employees at the House Rabbit Society of St. Louis heard the woman's story, it became clear that this rabbit was an angel in more than appearance.

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