Walkin' the Bark Rescue

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It only took two foster dogs to convince Judy Nguyen that she had a knack for helping poorly socialized dogs. Three years later, Judy now runs Walkin' the Bark Rescue, a not-for-profit rescue in Antioch, Calif. that specializes in helping unwanted dogs with behavioral or medical issues. While she has a few volunteers that help, Nguyen works closely with the dogs in her Antioch home, shaping them up for adoption. Nguyen spoke with Paw Nation about her efforts.

Why did you start Walkin' the Bark?
There were two dogs in particular that had a big impact on me and led me to start Walkin' the Bark -- Iris and Doris, two very fearful dogs who came out of their shell with us. I loved watching them blossom, and I loved knowing that I was able to provide them with the extra help not everyone else was able or willing to. It was then that I realized I wanted to help special needs dogs and formed Walkin' the Bark Rescue. With the permission of the other rescues, Iris and Doris became the first Walkin' the Bark dogs. Both have long since been adopted and have developed beyond my wildest expectations with their forever families. It's just amazing to know that I was part of that process.

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