As 2009 draws to a close, Paw Nation is taking a look back at our favorite viral videos of animals from this year. They're the clips you stumbled upon, friends forwarded or were even featured by big news outlets -- simply for being cute, ridiculous, eye-opening or hysterical (or all of the above).

Go ahead and treat yourself to a few minutes of fun by reflecting on these awww-worthy moments:

1. Tickling Slow Loris

Sonya, a Slow Loris owned by Dmitry Sergeyev, made her ascent to web fame at an ironically lightning-fast speed. The sluggish primate with saucer-like eyes and what appears to be a smile on her face lazes in pure bliss as she gets "tickled" in this clip. The popularity of the video lead to hundreds of thousands of Web viewers asking the same two questions: "What is that creature and where can I get one of my own?!" Well, we don't know where to get one, but we suggest you don't. They're illegal in the U.S.

Who is Cutest?