How to Get 'Dog Whisperer' Cesar Millan to Come to Your House

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Have you ever wished the "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan would come to your house and help you with your unruly canine? You're not alone.

"We get thousands of applications from people wanting to be on the show," one of the show's producers, Sheila Emery, tells Paw Nation. "But we're only able to pick a small percentage." So how do the producers decide which dogs (and their owners) merit a visit from Millan? Paw Nation attended a "Dog Whisperer" casting call to find out.

On a sunny December afternoon in Santa Monica, Calif., Leah Pacheco and her husband Meftali Villasenor wait nervously to talk to one of the show's producers, who is holding auditions at a local grooming salon. The couple has driven two hours for the chance to be featured in an upcoming episode of "Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan." They have four dogs and are desperate for help.

"We have a year-and-a-half-old Doberman pinscher named Jordan and she's crazy," Pacheco tells Paw Nation. "She dominates our other three little dogs and bats our Chihuahua around like a soccer ball." Does the Chihuahua like playing with the Doberman? "No!" Pacheco says, "Buttercup, our Chihuahua, is terrified!" Jordan also has a scary habit of jumping on the car whenever Pacheco's husband gets inside the vehicle.

They've tried everything that Millan suggests on his shows -- exercising Jordan on a treadmill, making her run alongside as they bike -- but nothing works. "It's our fault," laments Pacheco. "When Jordan was a puppy, we spoiled her. We're hoping to get on the show so Cesar can help us."

Dogs are allowed to attend the casting calls, but Pacheco and her husband have opted to leave the overbearing Jordan at home. They are, however, clutching the requisite application materials: a release form, questionnaire and a video showing Jordan misbehaving.

Inside the grooming salon, three-year-old rescue dog Berkeley (pictured above) and his owners, Kelly Berry and Peter Pappas, meet with producer, Emery.

"He's a good, sweet loving dog," Berry says, "but he's territorial and doesn't like smaller dogs. He goes nuts whenever he sees a UPS truck and spins in circles and does intense barking." Berkeley has gotten kicked out of daycare after just one day, Pappas says, because he was aggressive towards another dog. "We put a muzzle on him and shot video of him jumping up and trying to bite us," Pappas says. "Oh, good," Emery murmurs.

"The better the video, the better your chances of getting on the show," Emery explains to Paw Nation afterwards. "The video doesn't need to be professionally shot, but it does need to show the behavior." (Click here to read the show's submission guidelines.) Bonus if you're dog is quirky. "We love phobias," says Emery.

Currently in its sixth season on the National Geographic Channel, each episode of "Dog Whisperer" features three problem dogs. "We look for stories that are unique that we haven't done before," says Emery. "Maybe there's something unusual about the dog or the owner. Maybe it's a breed we haven't done before or a location. The same problems tend to come up, so we try to mix it up by combining the personality of the owner with the problem with the dog."

The show's producers like to feature people who they think will most likely follow through with Millan's advice. It's one reason Emery likes the young couple with the problem Doberman. "They've tried things without success and it shows they're motivated," she says. "When I hear about the problems with certain dogs, I wonder, 'How is Cesar going to fix this?'"

After six years working with Millan, Emery says she remains "completely mystified" when it comes to guessing how the dog behavior expert will solve a problem. "Cesar is so creative," she says. "We just give him the material for him to do his magic."

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Kym Seeburger

i have a 9 year old doxie, he had aggresive issues when i adopted him at the shelter, 5 years ago.a few monthes after i got him, he jumped off a short porch and became paralyzed from midsection down. i rushed him into surgery, but he never regained use of his back legs, so he has a cart and even without it he moves very fast on out linolem floors. i love him dearly, he gets along well with my other 3 rescues. he has always been a little nippy with people he didnt know, then he started growling at my roomate recently, his vet put him on prozac, a month ago...the new development is now he has bitten me 4 times in the last 24 hours. this is all new, he has never shown any aggression towards me. its like he has become rabid....but he is utd on his vacinations and i know he hasent been bitten by any wild animals. the look in his eyes are like a hated, want to kill.....i dont believe he is in any pain as he lets a male friend of mine pick him up and he is still very wimpering or anything like that. im desperate to know what i making him go red zone....the vet thinks i should put him down...but i really dont want to do that....please help us......850-400-9942..milton fl...

11 hours ago Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Kym Seeburger

I have a 9 year old paralyzed doxie. when i rescued him from the shelter, he was not paralyzed. bur he had agressive issues towards anyone reaching from above to pet him. he was found as a stray, malnourished and running down the street with a chain around his neck. they brought him out to me and it was love at first sight. a few months later he jumped the wrong way off of a low porch and even tho, i got him into surgery fast, he did not regain his mobility...he has a cart and scoots very fast,without it...he has always been a little nippy with strangers, but now he has started attacking me. i try not to show fear but ive been bit now 4 tmies in 24 hours. this has never happened before in 5 years of having him.the vet has put him on prozac for the past month, iits not helping. i do not think he is any pain as he moves around well, no change in that or wimpering in pain...the vet thinks i should put him down ...i love him and dont want to do that...he is fine with the other 3 fur children, but its like his brain has short is breaking my heart and i need help...i want him to be happy again...please help fritzy and i....thanks kym seeburger 850-400-9942 milton, fl

12 hours ago Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Hello Cesar and producers, my dog isn't a crazy out of control dog but he can get that way. It's more so me with the training, I personally need the help to make my home a better calmer environment. I love my dog to death but sometimes I don't know what to do. I worry a lot, I have a pitbull mastiff mix, he is going to be a year next month. He listens for the most part but doesn't which is very bad. He has a bad habit of running out of the house when I open the door to go outside, if the gate is open I will have to chase after him and grab him. My biggest fear is that he will run into coyote or run off. He is very active and playful, but this can be bad because when I have people over he try's to jump on them and get them to play. He gets very very excited when I come home, (jumping, licking, jumping on my three year old.) when I have people come over we have to either sit out side where he can run around or I have to put him in a room. He has also shown possession aggression with a bone towards my son. When he gets excited he jumps on furniture and even tends to pee in the house. He also does not tell me when he has to go out. I live in New York. I would love some help. Please. My email is

Yesterday at 10:09 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Teresa Hernandez

Please help me my german shepherd puppy isnt listening to anyone and she has food agressive tords my small dog and she also fight with my small dog to amd i dont want her to hurt my small dpg

Monday at 8:21 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Teresa Hernandez

Hi im emailing u about my german shepherd puppy she is not listening to me or my parents or anyone so i need ur help and everyone says that she is untrainable and she also has food agression tordes my small dog and those guys fight all the time so please help me

Monday at 8:18 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Jacqui Nicole

Cesar Milan and\or production crew: I have seven dogs, ranging in size from a 4lbs chihuahua to an 80lb malamute\shepard mix. I recently moved myself and my pack from the country into town, and while they are all great dogs, we have had to make a lot of adjustments. Overall they are a good pack, but we do have issues that could be and should be addressed, and while I do the best that I can, I do not have all the answers and would love to have your help. I am interested in sending in a video of my pack (and each of their individual "hang-ups") and seeing if you would be willing to give me advice on how I handle them, but was not sure where to send it. Also I live in the middle of nowhere Missouri, so attending any of your casting calls is not an option. Please email me or send me a message on facebook if you are still doing shows and working with dogs, would consider helping, or could let me know where to send a video. Thank you for your time.

Monday at 12:33 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Shaleen Smith

Hi Caesar millan I am writing to about my moms dogs. Her miniature dash hound Frankie keeps pooping in the house. We taking her outside and my mom even put a puppy pad on the floor in the living room. we have tried to get her poop outside but wont. we don't know what else to do. We also have another dog that's a golden retriever that has yeast infection and we tried taking to the vet he gave him medicine that did not work and we try changing the food. He is losing hair and skin peeling off of him. and he smell so bad. we need help. we need answers. please if theres anything u can tell us to help our dogs that be so great. thank you.

Shaleen. my email address is

Sunday at 10:07 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Renee Tobin

Hi all in need of some help my dog is 9 months old he's a red cattle dog & Deaf,,,we have trained him to sit, laydown, roll over & shake, but we need help with his jumping up on us, mouthing a bit still & barking but the worst is launching at some strangers & bit one personal the hand it was a quick snap but still got him & made the man bleed PLEASE HELP as we are always around kids & I'm getting worried

PLEASE PLEASE GET CEASER MILLAN TO DO A SHOW ABOUT DEAF DOGS for all us Australians with deaf cattle dogs Thank u Renee

Friday at 3:51 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Simone De Groot de G

cesar, i have a frieze stabij (dutch) when the airballoons are coming in summer he is in blind panic, he will run and bite. lost him already 3 times for a few days. he did climb over a 2 meter high fence. tried it all. have tredmill, had mice to take his mind off (its a mouse hunting dog) , tried food, tried massage, tried ingnoring, tried to get close to the balloons (he was in panic for 2 days). im out of thinking


September 18 2014 at 10:01 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Cesar I need your help desperately. My dog Zion (Pit Bull/Bull Mastiff mix Brindle) killed the family cat 3 weeks ago. She somehow got in our backyard and was caught off guard by our dogs (Zion and Maddie cocker spaniel). They got a hold of Mia our cat and as Zion attacked her and killed her, Maddie stood over and guarded the perimeter. Our daughter, age 13 was witness to this and it is heartbreaking.
Zion has had aggression issues for most of his adult dog life. We have had him since he was 8 weeks old and have tried to take him for walks, outside in the front yard, training classes, personal trainers visiting our home, nothing has worked. We've been told he does not have aggression, but it is just excitement he is expressing and would not attack other animals (this was from a local trainer). Since then, we have tried, but he is very strong and I cannot control him myself on a walk. We have taken both dogs to the beach to run around in the sand and water and they both love it, but we have to scan the beach to make sure there are no other dogs or animals around. He is a wonderful dog, but I fear he will never have a full dog life if we cannot trust him to take him out of our yard and cannot socialize him. Now that he has confirmed that he has the instinct to kill animals, I fear for the safety of other animals in our neighborhood and would never take him for a walk. He is a good dog to our family and our other dog, but not with any other animals. He scratches and tries to get through the fence when neighbors let their dogs out in their backyards that surround our yard, if he were to break through, it would be a done deal for the other animal and a heafty suit for us.
If there is anything that you can do to help us make Zion into a loving beautiful dog he is meant to be instead of this killer he has turned into I would be forever grateful.
Please please please help us. His life is so limited right now due to this. I would never give him up but I feel he has no quality of life just existing in our yard.
Thank you!

September 16 2014 at 4:04 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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