How to Get 'Dog Whisperer' Cesar Millan to Come to Your House

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Have you ever wished the "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan would come to your house and help you with your unruly canine? You're not alone.

"We get thousands of applications from people wanting to be on the show," one of the show's producers, Sheila Emery, tells Paw Nation. "But we're only able to pick a small percentage." So how do the producers decide which dogs (and their owners) merit a visit from Millan? Paw Nation attended a "Dog Whisperer" casting call to find out.

On a sunny December afternoon in Santa Monica, Calif., Leah Pacheco and her husband Meftali Villasenor wait nervously to talk to one of the show's producers, who is holding auditions at a local grooming salon. The couple has driven two hours for the chance to be featured in an upcoming episode of "Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan." They have four dogs and are desperate for help.

"We have a year-and-a-half-old Doberman pinscher named Jordan and she's crazy," Pacheco tells Paw Nation. "She dominates our other three little dogs and bats our Chihuahua around like a soccer ball." Does the Chihuahua like playing with the Doberman? "No!" Pacheco says, "Buttercup, our Chihuahua, is terrified!" Jordan also has a scary habit of jumping on the car whenever Pacheco's husband gets inside the vehicle.

They've tried everything that Millan suggests on his shows -- exercising Jordan on a treadmill, making her run alongside as they bike -- but nothing works. "It's our fault," laments Pacheco. "When Jordan was a puppy, we spoiled her. We're hoping to get on the show so Cesar can help us."

Dogs are allowed to attend the casting calls, but Pacheco and her husband have opted to leave the overbearing Jordan at home. They are, however, clutching the requisite application materials: a release form, questionnaire and a video showing Jordan misbehaving.

Inside the grooming salon, three-year-old rescue dog Berkeley (pictured above) and his owners, Kelly Berry and Peter Pappas, meet with producer, Emery.

"He's a good, sweet loving dog," Berry says, "but he's territorial and doesn't like smaller dogs. He goes nuts whenever he sees a UPS truck and spins in circles and does intense barking." Berkeley has gotten kicked out of daycare after just one day, Pappas says, because he was aggressive towards another dog. "We put a muzzle on him and shot video of him jumping up and trying to bite us," Pappas says. "Oh, good," Emery murmurs.

"The better the video, the better your chances of getting on the show," Emery explains to Paw Nation afterwards. "The video doesn't need to be professionally shot, but it does need to show the behavior." (Click here to read the show's submission guidelines.) Bonus if you're dog is quirky. "We love phobias," says Emery.

Currently in its sixth season on the National Geographic Channel, each episode of "Dog Whisperer" features three problem dogs. "We look for stories that are unique that we haven't done before," says Emery. "Maybe there's something unusual about the dog or the owner. Maybe it's a breed we haven't done before or a location. The same problems tend to come up, so we try to mix it up by combining the personality of the owner with the problem with the dog."

The show's producers like to feature people who they think will most likely follow through with Millan's advice. It's one reason Emery likes the young couple with the problem Doberman. "They've tried things without success and it shows they're motivated," she says. "When I hear about the problems with certain dogs, I wonder, 'How is Cesar going to fix this?'"

After six years working with Millan, Emery says she remains "completely mystified" when it comes to guessing how the dog behavior expert will solve a problem. "Cesar is so creative," she says. "We just give him the material for him to do his magic."

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greg matlock

I have four english bulldogs and a chihuahua that live and sleep with us .in my old age I collect stray dogs and children . Two of my boys have a terrior mix. My 4 yr old female bulldog Rosie and 4 year old biscuit. Fight at any opertunity . They stay locked up till separated my fear is it will be to the death. I nearly lost a toe due to trying to separate them. I have been bitten numerous times and my grandson is not allowed to come to the house due to fear he will be bitten. Please help me.

Yesterday at 10:27 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Steve Chilton

I have a 110 lb Argentine dogo that is very dog aggressive I can't even walk him around other dogs red zone tried e collar didn't even affect him now last night he tried to bite my 12 year daughter first time trying to bite a person I'm a 250 lb man and it's hard for me to hold him back when he goes after other dogs we even had the police called on us one day walking him in the park he tried to go after another dog the lady got scared and called the cops we can not take him to dog parks cause he will attack any advice please I will do anything to help him and teach me how to handle him I don't want to put him down but I can't give him to anyone and he getting more aggressive around the house with everyone but me what can I do

Yesterday at 9:13 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Mol Lie

Hello I need help I don't need to be on the show I just want my poor yorkie zoey to be potty trained and not attack my neighbors she also isn't comfortable with strange people she has not met or seen in a while pleeeeaas help me��������������

Friday at 12:05 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Please HELP. I know everyone wants help. I am at my wits end. We have a 1-12 year old APBT. He was diagnosed with myosotis when he was very little and we almost lost him twice. Thru a very long course of steroids he is a happy go lucky boy with a few exceptions. He was almost a year old before he finally got all his shots so I had to carry him every where. I couldn't leave him alone because I had to watch him constantly because of his health issues. The only dog he could be around was our 5yr old Doberman he now has extreme separation anxiety. He tears apart my house if he is left for more than 10minutes, he peas on everything on top of tables my bed my couches ect. He will howl for hours even if my husband is home. He is also very dog aggressive (towards other dogs). He got in a fight with a dog at work and was quarantined. He has bit the dog next door twice under the fence of our yard. I am afraid they are going to put him to sleep because of complaints. This would be ashame because he is a very sweet loving boy. I have tried everything to break him and don't know what to do. I watch Cesar on tv all the time. Whenever the show is on he can't get close enough to the tv to watch. Please help. I love my boys and don't want anything to happen to him HELP. 951-850-6313.

Tuesday at 10:22 PM Report abuse +1 rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to seahorsecrazy's comment

Sorry h is 1-1/2 yrs old. Correct number is 951-850-6314

Tuesday at 10:27 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

My dog is not full grown yet hes still a puppy but is now up to my middle thigh in heigth.when he was smaller and i could still carry him i took him for a walk and we both got hurt by a great dane that was other dog aggressive. Since that has happened my puppy has been extremely aggresive and is terrorising my neighborhood. Hes a very big puppy and cant control his strength. We have to keep two shock collars on him and hes starting to grow immune to them. I dont want to lose him hes my best friend. But if he continues and we cant stop him my dad will get rid of him. He is an akbash and his name is mackintosh. Thank you

Monday at 10:53 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Tanya Entenmann

Hi cesar
I have a American bull dog, she's 4years old and my boyfriend has a German shepard that is 6 years old... My American bulldog has become I believe very territorial... She attacks the Shepard now any chance she gets.. We moved into together 6months ago so the house was unclaimed territory. How do I get them to get along..? Please help!!! Don't want to break our family..but Could be deadly if kept together.. Don't know what to do!?

Monday at 11:29 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Austin Sutton

Oh yah she is 6 months

Sunday at 5:39 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Austin Sutton

Hi in need help with pit bull she always goes after feet and when you play she goes nuts please help cesar.

Sunday at 5:38 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

hi ceaser,
well we have adopeted an abrused pit bull she is 1 1/12 yrs. old we wre told, that she is house broke
but it seems she is not. she had pooped in my spare rm three times now ,and also in my living rm,and even in my car. comes somethings but has selective hearing i think.or just not sure if she is in trouble.?there r times she is afraid to come.and also likes to bite like play,and also rip spreads or anything that is cloth.and also her pillows. i have lots of dogs and she is just stuborn at there any way u can help me with her?she knows when she does wrong .and she is really a smart dog.i guess its just my poor pack leader,but my lab is very good and listens an and is very patient with her also
she is always licking his mouth and trying to jump on his back when running with him.he has bad back n bad legs.and he also 12 yrs old. i would appriciate any help u can give me
thank you
Lee Torresi

Saturday at 1:22 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Nadine Medina

((2 Male pitbulls)) they are my babys two blue nosie pitts brothers. Ive had them since they were babys and they are sooo spoiled because of me and my bfs family. They wake me up every morni g at 620am to play way too early -_- lol they love people but are not dog friendly. Ive tried taking them to the park when they were puppya and all it caused was problems. Now that i wstch your show ive change my ways of being scared and nervous around them. But they are still not dog friendly. They fight over the fence with the nieghbors dogs all the time. We have worned them many times to wstch their dogs because my dogs will attack. One of dogs is such a problem pickier and the other obe follows. I want to change their mind thinking so when i have kids they will be sweet with my childeren and my other dogs i have. Please help cesar:D

April 10 2015 at 10:49 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
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