Running With Dogs: What You Need to Know

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If you're a runner and an animal lover, chances are good that you've taken your dog running with you. And that's great. In fact, recent studies suggest that dog owners get up to eight times as much exercise as a regular gym-goer. But in order to keep your dog safe and healthy, you need to be informed.

Some breeds are natural runners and obvious choices for running partners. Greyhounds, for example, are particularly fast, while many hunting dogs have amazing endurance. Mid-sized mutts can make fantastic jogging buddies, too, because they aren't prone to some of the purebred hereditary disorders.

Even if your dog is a great runner, don't assume you can just start in with long, hard runs. To learn more about running with dogs, we spoke to Dr. Sarah Marzke of Topaz Veterinary Clinic in Arizona, who is an avid runner and loves nothing more than heading out for a long run with her five-year-old black Lab, Storm.

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