We introduce you to a lot of cute videos of cats on Paw Nation, but sometimes a cute video of a cat is such a cute, unstoppable juggernaut that it makes other "cute" videos boring. The "Suprised Kitty" video on YouTube is more of an overnight sensation than that guy who plays the werewolf in New Moon. On October 13, a YouTube user posted this video of a kitten, lying on her back, expectantly and repeatedly raising her paws in response to someone's playful hands.

Since then, the 17 second video has been watched 8 million times.

After the video was featured on CNN and mentioned by Kristen Bell on Craig Ferguson, fifteen-year-old Rosa, the video's writer, producer, and director, talked to a French journalist at LePost.fr. The kitten's name is Attila Fluff and does not belong to Rosa, but instead belongs to one of her friends. The actual owner of Attila has not yet given a statement about the success of the video. Hopefully a major motion picture deal will be in the works.

If you haven't yet seen the video, be warned; it is so out-of-control, off-the-charts cute that the word "cute" seems like a hyperbolic understatement. After watching it, if your head or computer have not exploded, you still may want to see a doctor for any possible pretty and precious internal injuries.

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